How to watch NASA crash a spacecraft into an asteroid on Monday

How to watch NASA crash a spacecraft into an asteroid on Monday

An illustration of two large grey asteroids in space, with a gold spacecraft hurtling towards them.
An illustration of DART headed in direction of Dimorphos | NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben

Replace 9/26 8:08PM ET: The DART spacecraft smashed into an asteroid! Authentic publish continues beneath.

When NASA smashes a spacecraft into an asteroid on Monday, folks on Earth will get an especially shut have a look at the motion.

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Take a look at (DART) is headed for its remaining vacation spot, the floor of an asteroid known as Dimorphos, which it’ll crash into at speeds of over 14,000 miles per hour. Researchers are hoping that the collision will change the asteroid’s orbit, rushing it up only a tiny bit.

Neither Dimorphos, nor its bigger companion, Didymos, pose any hazard to Earth, however the experiment is designed to check whether or not or not an identical affect might make a distinction if scientists ever found an asteroid…

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