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Mobile Legends: The 3 best heroes to counter Gatotkaca in the game

Mobile Legends: The 3 best heroes to counter Gatotkaca in the game

Gatotkaca, a tank/fighter hero from Cellular Legends: Bang Bang, shouldn’t be engaged in shut fight. His Metal Bones are passive granting him further bodily protection in addition to improved primary assaults which have a life-steal impact each time he takes harm. His final, Avatar of the Guardian, provides him the flexibility to leap a terrific distance and knock enemies into the air whereas dealing a substantial amount of harm to them.


He successfully prompts his passive by utilizing Blast Iron Fist to decelerate his opponents and is unable to taunt them. However the Mighty Legend depends quite a bit on utilizing his final and his improved melee assaults to deal harm to opponents. Heroes with sturdy mobility, crowd management elimination, and a number of management expertise can subsequently successfully cope with him. If you happen to want extra details about Cellular Legends: The three finest heroes to counter Gatotkaca within the recreation, then learn fastidiously, and don’t overlook to share with your mates.

Cellular Legends: The three finest heroes to counter Gatotkaca within the recreation

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3. Diggie

Diggie’s final, Time Journey, which immediately nullifies all crowd management results (except for suppression) and provides the group a protect, is what actually provides Gatotkaca a headache. As quickly as Avatar of the Guardian strikes you and your allies, solid Time Journey. Use Reverse Time to manage him after operating for canopy, then use Auto Alarm Bomb to deal harm.

Buy Magic Footwear, Enchanted Talisman, and Fleeting Time to considerably decrease the cooldown of Time Journey. You’ll be capable to use it extra often and defend your group from Gatotkaca’s crowd-control talents if you happen to do that.

2. Karrie

When dealing with tanky heroes like Gatotkaca, Karrie is a good alternative for a marksman. She has true harm in her arsenal, in addition to glorious mobility. Phantom Step can be utilized to flee the world of impact of Avatar of the Guardian when it’s used on you. To gradual him down, use the Spinning Lightwheel. Then, activate the Speedy Lightwheel, and use primary assaults to hit him to deal true harm from the Lightwheel Mark passive.

Don’t overlook to assault him from a secure distance. You may achieve extra mobility by utilizing the battle spell Flicker. After buying Karrie’s important objects, purchase the Sea Halberd, which reduces life. Within the occasion that Karrie isn’t out there, Granger and Claude are appropriate substitutes.

1. Ruby

Ruby is a improbable alternative due to her crowd-control talents and highly effective spell vamp if you happen to’re in search of a hero who can compete with Gatotkaca.

Use Be good! in 1v1 fight conditions. Don’t run, Wolf King, simply gradual him down. to cease him in his tracks. I’m offended can be utilized to yank him again if he tries to flee. Reap the benefits of Ruby’s Let’s Dance sprint capability! passive to fend off his assaults. When he’s low on HP, Execute is a good battle spell to kill him. Scale back his life steal by constructing Dominance Ice or Sea Halberd. Contemplate getting Athena’s Protect to counteract his harm if he chooses a magic construct.

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