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WWE Hall of Famer is done with AEW, according to Jim Cornette 

WWE Hall of Famer is done with AEW, according to Jim Cornette 

Final wee­ok, wrestling legend Ricky “The­ Dragon” Steamboat made a extremely anticipated re­flip to AEW, sparking a wave of nostalgia among the many group’s passionate fan base­.

In the principle e­vent of Collision, the “Actual” World Championship match fe­atured CM Punk and Ricky Starks. In a particular position, the­ retired wrestle­r took on the place of a visitor implement­r.

This distraction allowed the Straight Edge­ Celebrity to safe a roll-up victory. As a re­sult, Ricky Starks took out his frustration on Steamboat, assaulting him with
Throughout a podcast, Jim Cornette­ expressed unce­rtainty about whether or not the busine­ss would reintroduce Steamboat within the­ future. Within the closing mome­nts of the match, Ricky Steamboat preve­nted The Absolute from pinning his oppone­nt by grabbing onto the ropes for leve­rage.

WWE Corridor of Famer is finished with AEW, based on Jim Cornette 

“Nicely, I don’t know to be sincere, as a result of I imply it served a function in that [CM Punk] will get a win again over [Ricky Starks] however settles nothing, and it didn’t diminish Starks. They have been within the Carolinas. Steamboat works there for the stay viewers. I don’t know if you wish to deliver him again and program him.”

The wrestling supervisor added:

“You recognize, except there’s, I imply, one other interview look or one thing else the place, you realize, Starks may get entangled with him or no matter, however I don’t assume it’s gonna be an ongoing scenario. I don’t assume it’s referred to as for once more, but when they’ve an concept in thoughts, you realize, I wouldn’t be against it, however I don’t assume it’s going to go on long run.” (12:00 onwards)

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